10 replacement humidity wick pads for cabinet model moisture pan . Ship FREE in USA
10 replacement humidity wick pads for cabinet model moisture pan . Ship FREE in USA
GQF 4510 wick pads 10
Package of 10 replacement humidity wick pads for cabinet model moisture pan. FREE Shipping in the U.S.A. except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Wick pads are used to raise humidity during hatch period or during setting in arid or high altitude environments.
Instruction for use:

Setting the air vents properly: New cabinet model incubators have four vents at the rear of the incubator, two at the top and two at the bottom. For most applications the two vents without shutters will remain open, and the two vents with shutters will remain closed. 

Preparing humidity pan: The humidity pan should be cleaned before first use and after each hatch. The pan should be filled with warm water and maintained at a level approximately 1/2 to 1 inch from the top of the pan.

We recommend using the automatic Water System (part No. GQF_3030) to maintain constant water level. Center the pan on the shelf. Do not install the humidity pad at this stage. In most conditions the humidity pad will not be used until the hatching phase of the process.

Setting the proper humidity: Allow the incubator to run with the vents set properly and the pan filled with warm water for 1 hour, this will allow time for the humidity to stabilize. Opening the shutters on the two rear vents that have them will lower humidity. In some conditions, such as high altitudes, it may be necessary to use the humidity pad throughout the entire hatch to achieve the desired humidity.
During the hatching phase of this process additional humidity is necessary. Under normal conditions, this is the stage in which the humidity pad will be added to the pan. If extremely high humidity conditions are desired, 2 humidity pads can be used.
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