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Affiliates and Referrals Opportunity

The program is only offered to customers after they already purchased at

least four GQF incubators from our website and had it shipped to the

customer personal address. New customers who have not ordered the

minimum of four incubators or brooders or whom we canceled their orders,

do not qualify for our affiliate program.

Affiliates Commission:  We offer rewards to affiliates who link to us. Simply follow the instructions on Link to Us, you will get paid 2.5% commission for every successful incubator’s sale referred from you (Except for parts). In fact, you can even use the Email Friend form below to start referring customers to us (Make sure "Your email" is the one you used to register the account with us). Coupon: Affiliates and repeat customers may receive a promotional coupons redeemed toward future purchases of an incubator by anyone that uses such a coupon. We may ask you to verify the authenticity of the coupon. Points: Registered customers who purchase from our site are qualified for one point for every US$ spent that can be redeemed for future orders which are not shipped with the same initial order. You can check your points in your account after you login and redeem them on your future re-order at checkout to get discount on the final purchase price. Points Redemption: Points are redeemed after the initial order and for future purchases, but not for the same shipped purchase. To redeem your points, during checkout after you login to your account and before final payment. You should find a space to check the total points you have accumulated and the option to redeem them for a discount from the final charge. The point redemption process is at checkout. Coupon and Points within the same checkout: You can redeem both a coupon and accumulated points within the same check out if the order meet both requirements. Coupon and Points for failed to register as a member or affiliate: If you did not registered for the affiliate and members benefits, we can not manually enroll you due to our security measures regarding your account information and access. Therefore, during your checkout, please decide whether you want to register or not for our free programs and incentives. Banned Customers from participating in our affiliate or membership rewards: Customers that intentionally cancel orders or seek refund after the order is processed demand more time and financial loss on our behalf. Such actions eventually may result in forcing us to increase the prices to all customers or cancel certain promotional programs. Such customers maybe banned from future purchases or benefits of our affiliate, customers and dealers’ programs. Free to Join the Referral program: Referral programs is free to join (but verified by our system administrator that you are already an owner and purchased at least four incubators from our website). Referrals can save us on advertisement and marketing and thus we pass the saving to you. Referral sales Reporting: Up-to-date report on referral sales is provided online for your convenience to track the performance for any period of time within your logged-in account. Referral Link To track the referral sales from your site, use the following codes to link to us and replace where 'user_name' by your User Name chosen when you sign up with us
Payment processed by PayPal using any credit card or electronic bank account. Note, you do not need to be a member of our payment system. You can pay as a guest of PayPal. On PayPal payment final step, you can change the default currency to the one you prefer. For further questions, please, email us. 
Use the following address when link to us:-
where 'user_name' is the User Name chosen by you when sign up the account with us.
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