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GQF Customer’s warranty information on gqf incubators and brooders

purchased from this website

We provide gqf incubators, brooders and related products and services to

our customers subject to the following general warranty policy. If you visit

or shop with us, you must accept the following warranty conditions:

Warranty: Warranty bears cost and certain business agreements which may differ based on where a customer purchase the incubator. Therefore, warranty is covered on incubators that are purchased directly from this website. If you purchased your incubator from a retail outlet or another website, then your warranty is handled directly by them and based on their specified terms and conditions. Generally, gqf incubators are covered for 1 year to the original owner. Our warranty structure and offer is limited to purchases from this website and used in according with the recommendations as specified in the instructional manual. You pay the shipping to us and we will repair or replace (as we decide suitable) and ship your back to you at our expense, if the needed repair is under the warranty. Otherwise, The customer should pay for any damages to the incubator that is caused by abuse or mishandling. Outside the warranty period, the repair and shipping coast is payable by the customer. Please, note that the gqf incubators and hatchers are made under strict quality in material and workmanship. The warranty covers our customers that purchase from this website and limited to the original owner without transferring of the warranty. For items that are purchased from another website or an outlet, we maybe able to assist with the warranty in case the original seller is no longer available, but limited to only 1-year from purchase date, and all shipping cost is the buyers’ responsibility.  Therefore, please contact the original place you purchased the incubator or parts for any warranty issues or services. Dealers and affiliates may offer different warranty features or  length of time and they bear most of their agreed upon warranty costs with their customers. Therefore, all warranty registration, customer support and inquiries are handled by websites or outlets where the customer originally purchased the gqf incubator, brooder or parts. Warranty and Repair Arrangement: If repair is needed, it maybe easily repaired or replaced by the customer without a need to ship the incubator back to us which save on shipping cost and delay cost. Therefore, first step when a warranty is required, please, contact us with a detail of the problem. We will instruct you with your options or any additional information that maybe needed. Gqf Warranty Registration: For customers who purchase any incubator directly from our website, there is no need to register or mail in any warranty cards since you already enrolled and registered. However, purchases made from any other website or outlet, please follow their warranty requirement and registration. Exceptions: Some items maybe subject to an additional return policy as noted on the particular item. Return: Customer must contact us within 30-days from purchase -except as noted bellow- to get Return Authorization Number. All return are subject to our Refund Policy as bellow. Refund: As soon as we receive the returned product, we will refund you 70% the actual product price minus the Shipping and handling charges and the customer pays for the return mailing and packaging charges. Although we may offer our incubator or parts under “Free or Discounted Shipping,” that does not mean in case of requested a refund we will not charge you at least the shipping cost that we paid. Please, note the Shipping and handling is not refundable unless an error on our behalf such as shipping the wrong merchandise. While we believe strongly in customer satisfaction, we realize that a return carry cost on our customers such as the Shipping, handling, the cost to return the item to us and the time involved. Therefore, please if you are not sure of any of our products to be what you are looking for, then email us before you purchase and we would be glad to assist you. Refusal of sales and services: We reserve the right to refuse a customer’s purchase of any product we offer at our own discretion. We also reserve the right to refuse all future sales and warranty with any customer whom we determine causing abuse of our products or making a false manufacturing damage claims. Damage: In case of damages, Please make damage claims directly to the carrier for merchandise shipped by a common carrier.  Accuracy: All information in this site is provided to our best ability. However, in case of error Customer, affiliates and dealers shall indemnify and hold us harmless, against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses relating to your use of our products and services. Price: Due to the dynamic nature of the market and our products, shipping fee and services, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Dispute: In case of dispute, we will take every measure possible to protect the integrity of our sealers, affiliates and customers and to ensure the appropriate governing laws are obeyed by all parties. This includes termination of our services to any law-breaching parties.
Payment processed by PayPal using any credit card or electronic bank account. Note, you do not need to be a member of our payment system. You can pay as a guest of PayPal. On PayPal payment final step, you can change the default currency to the one you prefer. For further questions, please, email us. 
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